Keith Derrick was born in Florida in 1983.  He moved to Georgia at a young age where he began his education.  Showing an aptitude for English at an early age, he was encouraged to explore his talent.  After developing an avid reading habit, Keith became exposed to a variety of forms of literature.  From poetry to fan fiction, he would read it.  In high school, he was exposed to to a variety of new media like anime.  This is about the time he began work at the local cinema and became enamored with the motion picture.  Getting to see movies for free, he often saw every release.

After graduating from Cherokee High School he attended Kennesaw State University, received a Bachelor of Art in English with a minor in Film Studies.  During his tenure at KSU, he was named to the Dean’s and President’s List, a selectee of the 2007 Student Symposium, and began writing what would eventually become his first novel.  It was here that he also met professors David King and Anthony Grooms.  Their courses would inspire Keith to continue his education, instilling him with a love of learning as well as providing him with the tools to pursue that love.

After taking some time to work on his first novel and do some research on the best programs, Keith decided to attend The University of Edinburgh.  The university saw fit to confer upon Keith a Master of Science in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing.  During his time in Scotland, Keith enjoyed all his motherland had to offer.  He also began what would eventually become his second novel and made connections to other writers pursuing careers in a variety of fields.  They would go on to help hone Keith’s craft.

After coming home, Keith struggled to find a purpose.  Luckily he saved enough money to provide him with a small nest egg for his journey.  After several years of not following the path he set forward for himself, Keith buckled down and finished his novels.  One Hand Clapping, The American Tales, and Edinburgh Exile I (a collection of short stories) were released, all of which can be purchased in the store in a wide variety of formats.  Shortly thereafter, with his sense of purpose reinvigorated, Keith, during a meeting with Professor David King, decided to pursue his PhD.

Currently, Keith is doing just that at Georgia State University.  You’ll see on this blog an up-to-date account of just how his research is going, so be sure to bookmark and check back frequently.