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2020 UK Asexuality Conference

I was lucky enough to take part in the 2019 UK Asexuality Conference. I had such a wonderful time that I made plans to attend the 2020 conference in Reading. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic essentially put an end to any conventions. Thankfully, the organizers decided to put on a virtual conference. Not only did I …

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My Year of the Plague In spite of all the terrible effects coronoavirus has had on the world, I have this glimmer of hope the keeps the depths of my spirit alight. Whenever we look back in history at how plagues affected our culture, there is invariably an explosion of truly great art that comes …

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AVEN Interview

This will be a quick post, everyone.  In celebration of Asexual Awareness Week, I was asked to participate in an interview conducted by the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, or AVEN.  I highly recommend checking not only my interview out, but the others in the series as well.   If you enjoyed this article, please …

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Slice of Ace Interview: Part IV

The final portion of my interview on Slice of Ace. If you enjoyed this article, please consider visiting the Shop or Donations page to contribute to Keith Derrick’s writing and research so you can get more content like this.