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Slice of Ace Interview: Part I

Sliec of Ace

I recently had the opportunity to meet the host of Slice of Ace at the UK Asexuality Conference.  Since then, we conducted an interview about my research.  I had a wonderful time.  Aside from my collar looking a little odd, everything went off without a hitch.  I’m looking forward to seeing the other videos and …

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Asexual Reading List

During my visit to Edinburgh Pride, I presented my research at the UK Asexuality Conference.  It was a wonderful experience and I met a number of people interested in learning more.  During the Q&A, perhaps the most common question was what would I suggest reading.  Since then, I have generated a cursory reading list mostly …

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Character Profile in Asexuality: Galahad

Stumbling on the Grail As many of you are full aware, I am pursuing my PhD at Georgia State University.  My area of study is English Literature, but I am specifically focusing on asexual characters in literature prior to the Kinsey Studies of the 1950’s and 60’s.  I’ve already done two profiles on Athena and …

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Constituting Canon

The Canon Debate There is always a tremendous debate going on among academics about what should and should not be in the literary canon.  In many ways, the list is almost arbitrary to the privileged.  To them, it is simply recognizing what they see as the best works.  But for the marginalized, that apathy can …

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