My Year of the Plague

In spite of all the terrible effects coronoavirus has had on the world, I have this glimmer of hope the keeps the depths of my spirit alight. Whenever we look back in history at how plagues affected our culture, there is invariably an explosion of truly great art that comes out of it. Some of the most immortal works of literature by Milton, Shakespeare, and Boccaccio all struggled with the plague and produced exquisite works of literature during their periods of social isolation. While, yes, my life has been affected negatively, I can celebrate the fact that I have also made substantial breakthroughs on my research.

Unfortunately, my trip to Scotland was canceled. All my classes were forced to transition to an online format. And I was essentially banned from visiting the library for quite awhile. These were all tragic setbacks for my research. However, I was lucky enough to check out several suitcases worth of books before the campus went into lockdown. While that bothered me, it was bearable. What I find absolutely enraging is the fact that had we implemented appropriate policies in January then we could have reopened long ago with little to no effect to the economy. Alas, American politicians on both sides of the aisle have done nothing but fail the American people.

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