Edinburgh Pride & UK Asexuality Conference

Edinburgh Pride

As promised, I wish to regale you with my tales of Scotland.  I was invited to present my research at the UK Asexuality Conference, for which I am eternally grateful.  It was a wonderful experience.  I was also asked to march in the parade, of which I am posting a few pictures.  The one above, if you are willing to play a little Where’s Waldo, has a shot of me carrying the AVEN banner.

The University of Edinburgh Playing Host to Pride

My Favorite Picture from Pride

It was a truly rewarding experience.  The great folks that organized the Ace portion of the march even gave me the great honor of helping to carry the banner.  I met some very lovely people and even went with a few of them out for some of the pride cake being served at the Teviot House part of the student center.

Sunday was the conference.  Now, I do have to say this.  Initially, I was scheduled to present my research in a ten minute talk with three other researchers.  Afterwards we would have a twenty minute Q&A session with the audience.  However, as I was about to board my plane in America, I received an email from the organizers saying that the other researchers could either not be reached to confirm participation or dropped out.  Suddenly I went from a ten minute chat to an hour long presentation.  I was, and I think understandably so, quite nervous.  I spent the majority of my flight making a stellar slide presentation using a parallax effect I just learned.  (I have to admit, it looked amazing).  I think some of my fellow passengers thought me a little odd as I silently practiced my presentation on the plane.

Flash forward to the conference.  It went amazingly.  Not only did the presentation look sharp, but the audience was so engaged.  They asked some really poignant questions and gave me some great ideas.  There was also a lively discussion about representation and appropriation of that representation.  On of the concerns I expressed was whether I could create an ace theory as opposed to an asexuality theory, when my experience is not one of aromanticism (for example).  Throughout the day people approached me with ideas on that topic in particular.  The overall impression I received was that it would be better to encompass the entire Ace community in my research, while explicitly stating that is not my experience and ceding ground to the reality that I may get some things wrong as a result of that dissonance.

I was also asked quite a bit about reading lists.  In response, I will be generating one in the future.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news.  There was apparently some kind of technical difficulty with the camera and I have no footage from the conference.  That may change, but at present, don’t expect any video.  Silver lining, I met several people who have YouTube channels.  They may include me on them one day so we might have some kind of media for you to consume.

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