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Edinburgh Exile I

Edinburgh Exile NOOK Book – FREE

A free collection of short stories including the first chapter of The American Tales and One Hand Clapping.

The American Tales

NOOK Book – $5.99 Paperback – $12.50 Hardback – $24.50

In this story cycle inspired by The Canterbury Tales and The Decameron, an educator is terminated and his drama program stripped for parts. As a show of support, his students organize a walkout. During their protest, they each tell a tale to pass the time. These are their stories.

One Hand Clapping

NOOK Book – $5.99 Paperback – $12.50 Hardback – $24.50

Malcolm Vue is lost. He spends his time with his best friend Anthony, but one day everything changes. One day, Malcolm falls in love. Can the bonds of friendship survive? What does this new information do to Malcolm’s perception of the world and his place in it?