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Top 5: Comic Book Adaptations

With Avengers: Infinity War having crossed the $2 billion mark, people are as overzealous as ever about the film.  Ever since I saw the film I have had to deal with people arguing that it is the greatest comic book film ever made.  I’m not going to go into the numerous and unsightly flaws of …

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Box Office: A Historical Perspective

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know what a box office success Avengers: Infinity War has become.  It has broken the record for highest grossing opening weekend and is expected to break $1 billion in its second.  That is no easy feat at the box office.  I often have to remind people, …

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Top 5 Marvel Movie Lines

In honor of the start of the Summer movie season with Avengers: Infinity War this Friday, the sultry cinema sages over at Citizen Dame made a top 5 list of their favorite Marvel movie quotes.  When you’re done here I highly recommend checking out the content.  Admittedly, I thought there would be a few quotes …

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