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The Box Office Conundrum: Part 3

In the previous article, I basically took the raw data and compiled it into a chart for ease of reading.  Today, I am going to analyze that data and interpret it. The first chart shows total box office gross.  The is the most common metric used by Hollywood to declare a movie’s success.  Twenty two …

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The Box Office Conundrum: Part 2

Welcome back.  After my previous article, I am now going to provide some raw data.  We will then in the next article, analyze the data and extrapolate it into something more useful.  All data is provided via the folks at Box Office Mojo.  All grosses are domestic unless otherwise noted. Top 25 Highest Grossing Films …

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The Box Office Conundrum: Part 1

No, this is not a murder mystery set in a movie theatre.  Rather, this is the defense of rational thought when examining the idea of what makes a film successful.  As it is, there seem to be a few type of success in Hollywood.  Critical acclaim and awards immediately come to mind.  Cult like followings similar …

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