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Raspberry Pi Tor Router Tutorial

**Note: If you find this TOR router tutorial too difficult, time consuming, etc., I plan on making them available to donors on my Donations page*** If you think you are safe online, you may want to reconsider.  In the wake of events like the Cambridge Analytica data breach, or the Equifax data breach, where millions …

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Minecraft Your Pi

Last week I elaborated on how this very website came into being.  It is all thanks to a miraculous little device known as a Raspberry Pi.  The Raspberry Pi is a charming little computer.  First constructed as a means of providing inexpensive yet high quality technology to teach kids how to program, this credit card …

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PressPi Website

Hello Everyone.  As you might have noticed from my previous piece, I used software provided by PressPi to launch my new site.  It is an amazing tool that allows the user to simply plug-and-play their very own website.  So I thought for my first post that I would discuss the basics so that you too …

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